Crane Hire
APH Cranes offer two options when hiring a crane, CPA hire or Contract lift, under the conditions of Construction Plant Hire Association and in accordance with BS7121.
APH Cranes offer a wide range of lifting accessories available as part of a CPA Hire, Contract lift or just as individual hire. Available for short or long term hire.
Powered Access Scissor Lifts Hire
Our powered access scissor lifts are used for many applications where a straight vertical lift is required. They are ideal for both indoor or outdoor use and with a large work platform they can carry multiple people with tools and equipment in a safe and reliable way.
Powered Access Cherry Picker Boom Hire
Our Powered Access Cherry Picker/Boom Lift hire is suitable for a range of indoor and outdoor activities, with a broad selection of products designed to meet the needs of different environments and applications. Articulated boom lifts have a large range of movement with sideways outreach, allowing the work platform to gain access around and over obstacles. Our indoor machines feature non-marking tyres suitable for finished flooring and are battery powered. Narrow Boom Lifts are also available to provide access in confined spaces. Our range of diesel outdoor Boom Lifts feature models which can work on even, uneven or rough terrain surfaces including tarmac, pavements or even the unfinished floor of a construction project.


In conjunction with our crane hire fleet we can supply a broad selection of transport vehicles to help move a variety of different loads.

Crane Hire Lincoln

APH Crane Hire in Lincoln is the ‘go-to’ place for all types of crane hire services across the East Midlands and North Lincolnshire.

Ideally located with reach of motorways for surrounding area of Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester and Grimsby enabling a complete range of mobile cranes to reach your chosen site or emergency requirement quickly and efficiently.

APH Cranes is a division of The JMH Group and fulfils a much-needed requirement in the industry, by specialising in cranes and powered access, with a vast range of crane choices that range from a modest 30 tonnes to a mammoth 200 tonnes.

CPA & Contract Lifting in Lincoln

Our experience and knowledge of this specialist hire industry, means that APH Cranes have an unrivalled fleet of machines available to hire in all areas. The APH team can provide your site with both CPA and Contract lifting services, which means you only need to deal with one company to supply all your crane hire needs.

Liebherr Cranes Lincoln

Crane hire in Lincoln use the highly advanced technology of Liebherr cranes and constantly update and upgrade our UK hire fleet with state of the art machinery and equipment.

Compliant with all Regulations

Whichever hire method you choose, you can rest assured that APH Crane Hire is always in accordance with the full requirements of BS.7121 Parts 1 and 3, meeting all the Terms and Conditions of the Construction Plant Hire Association.

Whether you choose a CPA Hire or a Contract Lift, you can be sure that all British Standard Codes of Good Practice will be met or exceeded.

CPA Contract Lift in Lincoln

All our CPA Contract lifts includes a comprehensive provision of services that comply fully with current Codes of Practice to make specifying APH Cranes an easy task. Here is a list of what every CPA Contract Lift includes under the full responsibility of APH Cranes:

  • Site visit
  • Risk assessment
  • Method statement
  • Insurance
  • Slinger
  • Lift supervisor or appointed person
  • Lifting accessories

CPA Hire Lincoln

CPA hire includes your chosen crane and our fully trained and experienced operator from APH Cranes. Once the specified crane leaves the public highway and gains access to your construction site; the crane and its operator become the responsibility of the customer.

This means that as a customer, you will plan the details of the lift, supplying the trained and accredited personnel, the equipment and the comprehensive commercial insurance for the duration of the work, until the crane and its operator return to a public highway on route back to the APH Depot.

Powered Access Cherry Picker and Scissor Lift Hire

APH Cranes have a decade of knowledge and experience in the access market with a vast selection of over 100 cherry pickers/booms and scissors lifts for hire in a choice of either diesel or electric power.

Choose one of our powered access scissor lifts for applications needing a powerful straight vertical lift. This can be either outdoors or indoor retail and business parks

Our powered access cherry pickers/boom Lifts can also be used indoors as well as outside and include a varied selection of integral attachments and products for unique environments or applications.

Choose an Articulated Boom Lift if you need a wider movement range, or sideways outreach, as this will enable the integral work platform to access around or over any immovable obstacles.

For organisers of indoor events in large and prestigious venues, you can rest assured that all our indoor machines are battery powered and fitted with non-marking tyres that can be used safely on all types of finished flooring. For confined spaces, you may prefer to use one of our Narrow Boom Lifts.

APH Cranes Lincoln have a diesel outdoor Boom Lift model which is suitable for tarmac, pavements, and the unfinished surfaces of any construction project on even, uneven or rough terrain surfaces.